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Vacation accommodation in self-catering villas and holiday apartments In Italy in Modica, Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a recent addition to the villa rental market. Previously too unruly for this type of tourism, it lacked adequately prepared properties and there were some concerns over the security aspects of this form of tourism. Visit the island with an open mind and you will be rewarded with an intense cultural and sensory experience . Alongside imposing Greek architecture, glittering Arab-Norman mosaics and Baroque gems lie shabby, unfinished buildings which are the sad result of speculations and lack of government control.

Why Sicily

  • Conveniently priced
  • Great climate
  • Diversity of activities


Thanks to its sunny, dry climate, magnificent scenery, cuisine, history  and splendid architecture, the island has emerged as an international travel hot spot, drawing increasing numbers of visitors. The traditional graciousness and nobility of the Sicilian people have survived side by side with the destructive influences of the Mafia under Sicily's semi-autonomous government.

Sicilian hospitality and charm are wonderful and one of the many reasons to visit Sicily is the high quality of its cuisine. Mingling great local produce with Arab and Greek spices, Spanish and French techniques, not to mention great Sicilian wines, travellers will enjoy wonderful culinary experiences in a colourful location rich in local culture.

Mount Etna, white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, archaeological sites and the cities of Catania, Palermo, Syracuse, Agrigento, Taormina , Noto are wonderful reasons to visit.  But it is in Sicily's heartland, a region that tourists have barely begun to explore, that one will find the inner essence of the island. Vineyards, olive groves, white roads lined with beautiful dry stone walls lead to imposing landlord's mansions and family farmhouses. The towns of Ragusa and Modica are real jewels not to be missed.

The tourist season peaks in the summer months, although the island can be visited all year round, with spring and autumn being by far the best periods for a visit.

We have visited and selected a small number of villas to rent in the southern and eastern sides of Sicily, with more areas to be added during the year and hope that you will enjoy the island as much as we did.

To do in Sicily

  • Visit ancient Greek and Roman ruins
  • Discover the Baroque towns in the South East - Syracuse, Ragusa, Modica
  • Visit an active volcano at Mount Etna
  • Relax on beautiful white sandy beaches
  • Enjoy delicious food and great wines from the region
  • Mix with the very social Sicilians who love to laugh

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